[pkg-go] Bug#1004303: raft-boltdb FTBFS with riscv

Ileana Dumitrescu ileanadumi95 at protonmail.com
Mon Jan 24 15:52:50 GMT 2022

> Instead of asking upstream to fix building on riscv64 with boltdb,
> just ask them to switch to github.com/etcd-io/bbolt(packaged as
> golang-github-coreos-bbolt-dev).
> boltdb is just dead, see
> https://github.com/boltdb/bolt#a-message-from-the-author

The raft-boltdb upstream developers created a v2 version to use bbolt, but their v2 code still uses the original version which depends on boltdb.

>From their github page: "This separate import path will allow both versions (original and v2) to be imported to perform a safe in-place upgrade of old files read with the old version and written back out with the new one."

Essentially they are using boltdb and bbolt which will still fail on riscv because of any dependency on boltdb.

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