[pkg-go] Bug#975042: syncthing: consider providing a backport

Nicholas D Steeves sten at debian.org
Mon Jan 31 02:04:59 GMT 2022

Hi Félix and Aloïs,

Aloïs Micard <creekorful at debian.org> writes:

> On Wed, 18 Nov 2020 11:10:44 +0100 =?utf-8?B?RsOpbGl4?= Sipma <felix+debian at gueux.org> wrote:
>> It would be nice to have a backport of syncthing. In particular, recent 
>> versions contain several db optimisations.

I didn't know about these db optimisations, but this seems like
something that would be especially welcome on laptops :-)  It's
something I'm now looking forward to!

> Version 1.18.0 has been uploaded on testing, I will take a look
> at the amount of work needed for a bullseye-backport, but I'm pretty
> sure the magnitude of work will be consequent.

As you know, I've also been working on this :-)  My three questions are:

Would you like to help maintain the backport?
Would you like to start now, or wait for 1.18.6?
How would you like to divide up the work?

For the last of these, a simple approach might be to build, see what's
missing, and each claim half of the list, but of course that doesn't
take care of interrelated dependency chains...but on the upside, if one
of us ends up having to block while waiting for the other then it would
feel more like a team effort haha

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