[pkg-go] Service Update for 23th Feb #GEESQ-23-13094038

Service Updates info at geek-squadservices110.co
Wed Feb 23 14:55:12 GMT 2022


Your services has been renewed

This emails confirms the renewal of your services with G-Squad. We are glad to inform you that your plan with us has been renewed for $395.49. Please review the summary of your renewal:

Renewal ID

Renewal date
23-Feb-2022 09:15:55 EST

Registered Email – confirmed

pkg-go-maintainers at alioth-lists.debian.net<mailto:pkg-go-maintainers at alioth-lists.debian.net>

Description     Users   Qty     Amount
Geek Secure Premium
04      01      395.49 USD
Subtotal        395.49 USD
Total   395.49 USD
Payment 395.49 USD

Method used
Credit/Debit Card

Issues with this Email?

You have 24Hrs. from the date of the renewal to cancel your plan.

Help-Desk: +1 (806) 200-6599

Please do not reply to this email. To get in touch, reach Help-Desk.

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