[pkg-go] Bug#1012030: (no subject)

Vicente Olivert Riera vincent.olivert.riera at gmail.com
Mon May 30 14:12:05 BST 2022

I've found the problem appears to be between podman and runc.

I have runc installed in my system because I also use docker.io, and 
that package depends on it.
runc is also a dependency of podman, so podman uses it. However, podman 
can also use crun. But, since runc was already installed, and podman can 
depend on either of them, crun was not installed as a dependecy.

Now, if I manually install crun, podman works again and the error is 
gone. I think if podman finds that crun is installed, it will use it. 
Otherwise it will use runc as a fallback.

Since both runc and crun packages can coexist in the system, I think a 
quick fix could be removing the runc dependency on podman, so it will 
always pull in crun as a dependency. At least until the root cause of 
this problem is found and fixed.
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