[pkg-go] Bug#1034871: podman: "sudo podman system reset" can delete current working directory

Reinhard Tartler siretart at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 12:11:50 BST 2023

Control: tag -1 +upstream
Control: forwarded -1 https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/18349
Control: severity -1 important

On Wed, Apr 26, 2023 at 6:48 AM Jan Hendrik Farr <debian at jfarr.cc> wrote:

> Package: podman
> Version: 4.3.1+ds1-6+b2
> Severity: normal
> Tags: newcomer
> X-Debbugs-Cc: debian at jfarr.cc
> Dear Maintainer,
> if /etc/containers/storage.conf does not include the runRoot variable, then
> running "sudo podman system reset" will delete the current working
> directory.
> This is already fixed in upstream, I hope this can be backported and
> included
> in Debian 12.
> upstream issue: https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/18349
> upstream fix: https://github.com/containers/storage/pull/1510
> Including this fix in Debian 12 has a really low chance of affecting other
> packages, but if this fix is not included there will inevitably be more
> people
> like me that accidentally remove their home directory.

It indeed sounds like a significant papercut. I'm seeking for further
thoughts and opinions: Is this something worth backporting that late in the
release cycle?

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