[pkg-golang-devel] Where the source of the golang-defaults package is hosted?

Konstantin Khomoutov kostix at 007spb.ru
Thu Jul 21 11:03:37 UTC 2016


(Please Cc me as I'm not subscribed.)

I'm periodically doing no-brainer inhouse backports of the
bleeding-edge Debian Go packages at my $dayjob [*].

Recently I wanted to backport 1.6.3 (and 1.7RC2 to have a look at it)
and figured out that the "unbrella" package was split into the two --
now maintained in the separate Git branches -- "golang-1.6" and
"golang-1.7", respectively; with their binaries relocated from /usr/bin
to under /usr/lib/...

After some digging I've realized there now exists another package named
"golang-defaults" which -- as I understand -- generates the meta
package "golang" which, in turn, depends on the default version of the
specific packages like "golang-1.6".

Unfortunately I failed to locate the SCM repository of the
golang-defaults package.

Could you please suggest how I should approach backporting now?

Another question is: is it possible to make golang-1.7 and golang-1.6
coexist somehow (via the alternatives mechanism or otherwise)?

[*] Basically I'm calling `gbp-pull` followed by cleaning up the tree,
    calling `dch --bpo` and then `git-buildpackage ...`.

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