[pkg-golang-devel] src:golang-1.7 and s390x

Tianon Gravi tianon at debian.org
Tue Oct 4 13:03:11 UTC 2016

Hi folks!

We've got a bit of a dilemma with respect to src:golang-1.7 and s390x
support. :)

Go 1.7 finally added official support for s390x, but it's z196+ only
(no z10 support either currently or in the works [0]).  As it stands
today, there are three s390x buildds and only "zandonai" fits Go's

[0]: https://github.com/golang/go/issues/16637

The first few times we uploaded, we got lucky and were built on
zandonai, but this most recent time we hit zemlinsky and the package
tests failed with "Illegal instruction" (not unexpectedly) [1].

[1]: https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=golang-1.7&arch=s390x

Is there something we could add to the package metadata or similar to
make sure it's assigned to the correct buildd? (and to inform users of
the s390x package what the minimum requirements are?)

If I'm asking the wrong group, please do let me know and I'm happy to
redirect! (figured I'd start here given the note in the buildd.d.o
footer about "Architecture specific issues" O:) )

- Tianon
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