[pkg-golang-devel] Bug#862422: gccgo-go: wrap gccgo-7 for full Go 1.8 runtime

Aaron M. Ucko ucko at debian.org
Fri May 12 15:13:04 UTC 2017

Package: gccgo-go
Version: 2:1.8~1
Severity: important

Could you please switch gccgo-go's 1.8 series to wrap gccgo-7 rather than
gccgo-6, so code that needs Go 1.8.x user packages but not necessarily
Google's compiler can simply Build-Depend: gccgo-any (>= 2:1.8~)?

This change will be helpful for packaging newer upstream releases of
ncbi-entrez-direct, which have started using sort.Slice (and which will
want to go to experimental for now anyway).


Aaron M. Ucko, KB1CJC (amu at alum.mit.edu, ucko at debian.org)
http://www.mit.edu/~amu/ | http://stuff.mit.edu/cgi/finger/?amu@monk.mit.edu

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