[DebianGIS-dev] Bug#589789: Bug#589789: gpsdrive-scripts: geo-code should use /bin/bash

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 22:46:26 UTC 2010

Francesco wrote:
> Current debian version 21 patches, which should be verified
> against the new upstream version.

fwiw, upstream devs are pretty much all running sid, except
for me who runs stable. (ok, maybe there's a little RedHat in
there too) so most if not all patches can typically be pushed
directly upstream for inclusion in future versions.

I think we've got so many patches now as the version in debian
has stagnated and the tweaks to keep it alive had piled up.

[versus new 2.11 release]

  --obsolete: upstream now uses cmake not automake

  ## DP: Fixed in upstream svn.

  --patch no longer works, to keep things simple I suggest that
    the first cut of the modern package is built without Mapnik
    and PostGIS support, and we add those once everything else
    is clean and running. Some users (underpowered netbooks)
    may not want all that bulk, so maybe in future we ship
    conflicting gpsdrive and gpsdrive-lite packages?

  ## DP: Do not overwrite ~/.gpsdrive/osm.xml when gpsdrive is started.
  --AFAIK this is no longer an issue. At least my user mods to
   ~/.gpsdrive/osm.xml remain after restart..

  --not sure, need to sync with latest openstreetmap-icons pkgs.

  ## DP: Bugfixes from gpsdrive VCS
  --already merged.

  --fixed upstream

  ## DP: Fixed in upstream svn.

  --not merged upstream. I'm not enough of a perl expert to know
    how important it is or if it should be merged upstream.

  --AFAIK dbus hooks are no longer highly recommended by Gpsd api

  --not merged upstream. should it be?

  --fixed upstream.

  --no longer relevant, font name no longer hardcoded(?)

  --obsolete: mapnik path now set in gpsdrive_config.c for
    mapnik version 0.7.

  --still a bit of an issue. wants OSM's 300mb+ world coastline
    shapefiles unofficial .deb installed. the the OSGeo LiveDVD
    I patched it to use the much smaller Natural Earth (public
    domain) world vector coastline instead for global map scales.
    We should package that data, then we could depend on it :)
    (needed for Mapnik+PostGIS on-the-fly OSM rendering support)

  --done upsteam.

  ## DP: in gpsdrive. Patch backported from 2.10pre5.

  --unused script deleted upstream.

  --fixed upstream

  --fixed upstream

  --not fixed upstream. (should it be?)

In general I'm not really sure of the OSM package integration
stuff, that was done by the others who are more OSM-devs than
me and who set all of that stuff up.

> One possibilty could be dropping all of them and use the current
> upstream version, but I suspect it would be not accepted in
> squeeze as is. I would use experimental for such a thing.

yes for 2.11 in experimental and eventually squeeze.backports.org 

as for releasing a package in squeeze I'm undecided.
 - current version there runs, but as it is incompatible with 
   sqeeze's new Gpsd api it won't talk to your GPS
   patch to fix this is only a few lines long.
 - georeferencing of downloaded tile-server [osm] maps is badly
   wrong. I put a patch to fix this in debiangis patches/ dir,
   but not activated it as I haven't tested to see if it applies
   on that old version of the source.
 - even with those patches to make it minimally "work" again, is
   the old version worth the trouble? or do we just aim for
   backports.org and squeeze+1?
 - see gpsdrive's gpsd-api ticket in DBTS for more discussion,
   currently it still works, but only as an offline gpsdrive map
   viewing app. :-/



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