Bug#591260: gpdrive-2.11 needs packaging

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat May 19 08:03:28 UTC 2012


Johan wrote:
> It might be useful to know that the osgeo live dvd (based on
> debian/xubuntu) is also using a more recent gpsdrive version.
> I have no time to review the installation script, but perhaps it
> contains things which might be useful for the debian package:

it does, the author. :-)

I'm the author of the osgeo livedvd build script (which just patches
the upstream svn's debian/ dir to keep up with the ubuntu ver used there
and a local tweak of the PostGIS db name).

I'm also one of the upstream maintainers of GpsDrive.

And at this point I guess I'm going to be the DebianGIS representative
to maintain the package too.

The upstream debian/ dir is much more modern than the DebianGIS svn one,
basically I think I need to wipe the slate clean and repackage the modern
version of the program (2.11+svn as seen in the OSGeo Live DVD script)
from scratch. But that's work.

stay tuned... first I'll work on getting mapnik2 and libgps20 support
working. As Johan mentioned, I have it working on Ubuntu 11.04 natty
for the livedvd, and locally I have it working on Squeeze. I'll post
my working 2.11svn packages for Squeeze ASAP. They've been working fine
on my laptop for many months.

The Ubuntu packages used on the live dvd can be found here:


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