Bug#737814: qgis ftbfs on arm* qreal vs double issues

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Thu Feb 6 08:39:35 UTC 2014

I fixed the qMax issue I mentioned in the original bug report and a 
couple of similar qMin issues.

However I have now run into an issue I have no idea how to tackle and 
google isn't helping much.

sip: /qgis-2.0.1/python/core/qgsclipper.sip:44: 
QgsClipper::trimFeature() unsupported function argument type - provide 
%MethodCode and a C++ signature

So i'm going to have to punt on this bug here until someone more 
knowlageable comes along.

I also noticed that the previous upload had already introduced an arm 
related patch and took a look at it. It looked obviously broken and 
looking closer confirmed this. It was broken in two ways, firstly one of 
Konstantinos's new functions was under an andriod ifdef. Secondly his 
new functions converted reference parameters on input but not on output. 
I fixed both of these but have not tested the fixes.

A debdiff of progress so-far is attatched.
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