otb_5.6.0+dfsg-1_amd64.changes is NEW

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Fri Jul 29 13:20:56 UTC 2016

binary:libotbapplicationengine-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbcarto-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbcommandline-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbcommandlineparser-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbcommon-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbcurladapters-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbedge-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbextendedfilename-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbfuzzy-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbgdaladapters-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbice-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbimagebase-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbimageio-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbimagemanipulation-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbiobsq-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbiogdal-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbiokml-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbiolum-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbiomstar-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbiomw-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbioonera-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbiorad-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbiotilemap-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbmathparser-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbmetadata-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbopenthreadsadapters-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbossimadapters-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbossimplugins-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbpolarimetry-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbprojection-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbqtwidget-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbrcc8-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbsampling-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbsiftfast-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbstatistics-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbstreaming-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbsupervised-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbtestkernel-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbtransform-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbvectordatabase-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbvectordataio-5.6-1 is NEW.
binary:libotbwavelet-5.6-1 is NEW.

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