Bug#906505: qlandkartegt: FTBFS in buster/sid (unable to find string literal operator)

Stuart Prescott stuart at debian.org
Sun Aug 26 09:17:43 BST 2018

> >> No one in the Debian GIS team is willing to maintain this EOL package
> >> any longer, qmapshack is were we invest our effort.
> > 
> > Please file a WNPP bug that orphans qlandkarte. That signals to others
> > that
> > they can (and should) take over maintenance of the package.
> > 
> > ยง5.9.4 of the Developers Reference covers the case where the existing
> > maintainers are unwilling to maintain a package any longer:
> > 
> > https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/ch05.en.html#orpha
> > ning
> No, EOL software should be removed. The QA team is not the place for EOL
> and broken packages.
> The removal of qlandkartegt was a long time coming, since it's been
> superseded by qmapshack in Debian and upstream, this issue was just the
> trigger.

If you really believe that, the correct course of action is an RM bug. wontfix 
on an RC bug still isn't right.

More generally, though, there is plenty of software that is Debian without an 
active upstream but with active maintainers keeping it alive. Dead upstream's 
aren't a problem for Debian; it's dead upstreams coupled with inactive 
maintainers. It's fine for you to decide that you don't want to be that 
maintainer, but it's not your call to stand in the way of others who do want 
to do this work.


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