[Pkg-gridengine-devel] License audit

Mark Hymers mhy at debian.org
Wed Apr 25 21:22:26 UTC 2007

Ok,  I've started a full license audit which we'll need to get through
NEW and I thought should be done before upstream source appears in SVN.
The first thing I did was to clean out the CVS directories from the
tarball.  Next, I got a list of files and using a little bit of regex
sickness, marked all the ones which are simply Copyright Sun and under
SISSL 1.2.  Here are some numbers:

The full file list is:
mark at dynam:~/deb/packages/working/sge$ wc -l sge_full
3252 sge_full

mark at dynam:~/deb/packages/working/sge$ wc -l sge_file_list_*
   856 sge_file_list_3rdparty
   331 sge_file_list_html
   103 sge_file_list_manpages
   207 sge_file_list_remaining
    55 sge_file_list_resources
  1580 sge_file_list_sissl
     6 sge_file_list_translations
   114 sge_file_list_xpm
  3252 total

So.  The sissl files (which are all ok) make up 1580 of the files.

Of the remainder, we have:
 * 3rdparty files:  The copyrights for these files are documented in
   source/dist/3rd_party/3rd_party_licscopyrights  We need to check
   that all these licenses are DFSG free and compatible; in some cases
   we can just pull the code; e.g. Debian always has a perfectly good
   implementation of snprintf :-)
 * html files: These have no license or copyright details at all
   as far as I can see.
 * the manpages.  These are Copyright Sun but don't have the
   SISSL notice in them; technically I think this makes them
   non-redistributable as I can't find any global LICENSE document
   in the source tree
 * resources files: These are just config files, I don't think we
   need to worry about them; they're too trivial
 * xpm files: These have no license or copyright details at all
   as far as I can see
 * translation files: Again, no license or copyright details in the
   .po files.  In fact, one of them contains this gem:
# Copyright (C) YEAR Free Software Foundation, Inc. # FIRST AUTHOR
 * remaining files.  These need checking individually.

I'll continue work on this tomorrow but wanted to at least raise a heads
up so that no-one else duplicated this tedious work.

The file lists above are available at:
for now.


PS: No, I don't like this sort of -legal pointlessness, but we need to
be thorough for two reasons: 1) We won't get through NEW unless we are
and 2) I don't want Ganneff to glare at me when we try to get through
NEW without having sorted this out :-)

Mark Hymers <mhy at debian dot org>

"But Yossarian *still* didn't understand either how Milo could buy eggs
 in Malta for seven cents apiece and sell them at a profit in Pianosa
 for five cents."
     Catch 22, Joseph Heller
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