[Pkg-gridengine-devel] Debian gridengine package

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Oct 16 14:11:56 UTC 2014

<rf at q-leap.de> writes:

> Hi,
> I see that this package is close to orphaned and probably in risk to be
> dropped for jessie. I'd possibly be able to take over maintenance of
> the package. To reaffirm this I'd like to have a look at the current
> repo but the VCS link at
> https://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gridengine.html
> is broken.

For what it's worth, I can still access
<git://git.debian.org/git/users/mhy/gridengine-debian>, but that would
be a bad starting point.

<git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-gridengine/pkg-gridengine.git> was an
attempt to update it to the then-current free software version.  The
upload long ago was rejected with what seemed impossible demands,
particularly requiring a list of copyright holders, if I recall
correctly.  (I'd modelled the attempt on the Linux packaging, and
significantly improved the copyright tracking over the old gridengine

There's a darcs repo of my current attempt at debian packaging at
<http://arc.liv.ac.uk/repos/darcs/gridengine.debian/> with a git mirror
at <http://arc.liv.ac.uk/repos/git/gridengine.debian/> which I've just
fixed.  I can't remember whether there were any fixes for the last
Debian unstable I tried in the basic 8.1.8 source that I hope to push
out in the next few days, but it was mostly dealing with Fedora

> Please, somebody of the current maintainer team voice your opinion about
> this or the future plans of d/gridengine.

I suspect there isn't anyone.  It should be removed in its current
state, particularly as the configuration is totally insecure and doesn't
ship the components to secure it as far as I remember and it had one
supposed security fix that wasn't which I couldn't do anything about.

If there is a DD who could get something current and vaguely maintained
into Debian, I'd be happy to help.

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