Bug#539648: rescue formatter option for grub2 switchover

Felix Zielcke fzielcke at z-51.de
Sun Aug 2 17:57:39 UTC 2009

tag 539648 wontfix
Am Sonntag, den 02.08.2009, 10:36 -0700 schrieb Mark Hedges:
> It would be great for the grub2 switchover if it first offered
> the option to format a cd-rom or usb stick which would restore
> a backup of the old boot partition if grub2 doesn't work.
> Mark

This is not grub's business.
We already provide an option to chainload grub2 from grub-legacy.
I think that's enough for the vast majority of users.
Just backing up /boot and restoring it wouldn't help.
The MBR and in case of grub-legacy also the embed are between MBR and
1st partition would also need to be backuped.
And why should we make a mini-OS which restores the backup
Live CDs can be used fine to restore it.
You only need to make the backup yourself.

Felix Zielcke
Proud Debian Maintainer

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