Bug#540380: grub-pc: cannot dual boot into Windows XP after upgrade.

Felix Zielcke fzielcke at z-51.de
Fri Aug 7 16:08:18 UTC 2009

tag 491872 - pending
forcemerge 491872 540380

Am Freitag, den 07.08.2009, 11:54 -0400 schrieb John Lindgren:
> Package: grub-pc
> Version: 1.96+20090725-1
> Justification: renders package unusable
> Severity: grave
> In the upgrade from grub-legacy to grub-pc, my menu.lst entries to dual
> boot Windows XP were lost. I would normally be fine with migrating them
> manually, except that (1) there was no warning from debconf that they
> would be lost and (2) I cannot find any instructions on how to migrate
> them. Neither "man grub" nor "man grub-pc" brings up anything at all.
> In my experience, dual booting Windows and Linux is more common than
> booting Linux alone; thus, this problem renders grub-pc unusable to most
> users.
> Attached is my menu.lst from before the upgrade.

You need to install os-prober and then run update-grub again.
We don't recommend it but only suggests it because of #476184

Felix Zielcke
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