Some basic Debian grub2 package questions

Felix Zielcke fzielcke at
Tue Aug 18 19:15:59 UTC 2009

Hello Adrian,

Am Dienstag, den 18.08.2009, 21:03 +0200 schrieb adrian15:
> Hi Debian grub2 package maintainers and al,
> 	I am trying to do a Super Grub Disk package (supergrub) which
> build-depends on grub2.
> 	I have some basic questions.
> #1
> 	I have currently installed grub2 from unstable distribution.
> 	I just wanted to know if lfa support is included in it.
> 	Another related question if you recommend me to swith to another Debian 
> distribution such as experimental or if I should do pinning or something 
> for getting lfa support.

lua is included in all packages.
Currently we don't have any version in experimental.
You can look at to find out if/when
we have one.
At the left bottom you can also subscribe so you get notified about new
uploads etc.

> #2	
> 	Building floppies and cdroms for different architectures than x86. I 
> know that grub-pc is x86-based only, or at least, I think so.
> So is there any easy way to build ppc cdrom images or the grub-mkimage 
> command is only x86 based?
> 	Is there maybe some Debian ppc packages that I am unaware of?

on powerpc grub-mkelfimage is used.
grub-ieee1275 is the powerpc OpenFirmware package which also has
> #3
> 	I will, for sure, ask on mentors mailing list for better checking. I 
> have still to fix a bug that I have found.
> I have used 1.01 as a package version instead of 1.21-1 because upstream 
> version is 1.21.
> 	If you are bored (Don't think so ;) ) and want to check how my source 
> code is you can check:

Looks okay.

> I suppose I have many other questions but I will ask them in another emails.
> Just hope that some free time to answer my questions.
> Thank you very much!
> adrian15

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