Bug#543376: grub-pc: Conflicts between versions of Grub2

Stefan Monnier monnier at IRO.UMontreal.CA
Mon Aug 24 21:15:44 UTC 2009

> But I think it would be safe to assume that /etc/default/grub will be
> only shipped in a grub2 package and not anywhere else.

Shouldn't it belong to grub-common?

> We would need to rename grub-install to grub2-install or something like
> that.

I'd expect:


(and, yes, I use the last 3 boot loaders on my USB Debian system, since
I sometimes boot it from a PC, sometimes from a 32bit Mac, and
sometimes from a 64bit Mac).

> And from what should we choose which to run if user just invokes
> grub-install /dev/sda?

Easy: if there's only one, use it; if there are several and the user
didn't specify which to use, signal an error.

> I doubt there is any very safe way to decide this if both packages are
> installed.

Signalling an error sounds very safe to me.

> Then we would need to make clear that it has been now renamed to not get
> any bug reports about it.

No need to rename it.

> NEWS.Debian doestn't get read that often.
> And we need to find a new place for the grub2 version of
> grub-set-default else we have same problem as below, same installed file
> in 2 packages.

Assuming update-grub runs all the versions of update-grub by default,
I'd expect grub-set-default to do the same.

> grub-mkimage isn't the same in -efi and -pc so in one of it, we'd need
> to rename it.

It's probably not the same for efi-ia32 and efi-amd64, either.  Yes,
that calls for a renaming.

> And I'm not sure dpkg likes it that some installed files belong to 2
> packages instead of 1.

No, I don't think it likes it.  But renaming isn't such a big deal and
grub-common can hold the shared files.


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