[Pkg-gtkpod-devel] Bug#630414: gtkpod silently crashes every time on exit

Etienne Millon etienne.millon at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 17:22:38 UTC 2011

* Matteo F. Vescovi <m.vescovi at revese.it> [110614 17:16]:
> Could you test if mounting the device on a /media sub-directory
> solves the issue? The new policy for the program is that the mount
> point should be under that directory.

Ah, this explains several other issues (the fact that I had to
manually click "load ipod" and an error message indicating that system
files were missing).

Mounted under /media, these errors don't occur anymore, but the same
crash happens at exit.

I quickly opened gdb set a breakpoint near dispose_directories,
confirming the backtrace but without debug symbols I am not familiar
enough with glib to see what value those strings had. I will give it
another shot with a custom unstripped package.

Etienne Millon

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