[Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#575330: libghc6-unixutils-dev: long description containing empty paragraph

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at debian.at
Wed Mar 24 22:28:30 UTC 2010

Package: libghc6-unixutils-dev
Version: 1.22-2
Severity: minor


 The long description of your package could need some formating
improvements. I guess it was rather by accident that there is an empty
paragraph in your package description - I'd suggest to remove the doted
line at the start of your long description. :)

 The same holds true for libghc6-unixutils-prof, just in case.
Additionally, the second paragraph isn't a complete sentence, it is
missing its subject and verb.

 So long, and thanks for your great work nevertheless!

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