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Sat Jul 16 11:37:30 UTC 2011

#5328: Include compiler version in ABI hash
    Reporter:  nomeata           |       Owner:              
        Type:  feature request   |      Status:  new         
    Priority:  normal            |   Component:  Compiler    
     Version:  7.0.4             |    Keywords:              
    Testcase:                    |   Blockedby:              
          Os:  Unknown/Multiple  |    Blocking:              
Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple  |     Failure:  None/Unknown

 as outlined in the discussion at
 http://lists.debian.org/1310417783.21421.22.camel@kirk, it would be
 beneficial if the ABI hash of packages would change if compiled by a
 different version of the compiler – after all, the interface files of such
 a package would not be usable any more.

 Debian uses the abi hashes to detect what needs to be rebuilt, hence we
 have an interest in this.

 The attached patch has been applied to ghc in Debian unstable already, and
 I’d greatly appreciate if it or something with the same effect would enter
 the main line.

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