[Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#616635: [GHC] #4999: build fails on powerpc: error: 'ObjectCode' has no member named 'misalignment'

GHC cvs-ghc at haskell.org
Thu Mar 10 19:33:11 UTC 2011

#4999: build fails on powerpc:   error: 'ObjectCode' has no member named
    Reporter:  nomeata         |        Owner:  igloo              
        Type:  bug             |       Status:  patch              
    Priority:  highest         |    Milestone:  7.2.1              
   Component:  Runtime System  |      Version:  7.0.2              
    Keywords:                  |     Testcase:                     
   Blockedby:                  |   Difficulty:                     
          Os:  Linux           |     Blocking:                     
Architecture:  powerpc         |      Failure:  Building GHC failed

Comment(by erikd):

 I'll attach my latest version of this patch.

 With this patch it now compiles, but I'm still not sure its correct. The
 darwin_HOST_OS code path has a machoGetMisalignment() function call and
 I'm not sure if there shouldn't be an elfGetMisalignment code path.

 With this patch, it now compiles, but validate fails on the second stage
 compiling the vector library:

 Segmentation fault
 make[1]: *** [libraries/vector/dist-
 install/build/Data/Vector/Fusion/Stream/Monadic.o] Error 139

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