[Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#724636: Bug#724636: Could you please keep us posted on pandoc 1.12?

John MacFarlane jgm at berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 19 17:05:56 UTC 2013


I plan to put out a new pandoc release in the next couple weeks.  I'd be
happy to fix any issues that are causing problems for Debian packaging.
Just explain to me clearly what those issues are (e.g. which javascript
code you're talking about).


+++ Jonas Smedegaard [Dec 19 13 15:28 ]:
> Hi Martin,
> Quoting Martin Quinson (2013-12-09 16:00:33)
> > I would like to know if you had the opportunity to work on the 
> > packaging of pandoc 1.12, please? I would love to help if I can (but I 
> > don't know anything of pandoc myself, I just happen to need it).
> Thanks for the interest and kind offer!
> The core issue is that Pandoc lacks (non-minified) source for included 
> Javascript code.
> Newer upstream release has improvements related to this, but 
> unfortunately needs more work to satisfy Debian Policy: Some javascript 
> code is no longer shipped with Pandoc source. Unfortunately some 
> Javascript code remains, and also the dropped coe is then instead 
> fetched at runtime which arguably don't pass the "lonely island" test.
> As I see it, the proper solution is therefore to a) package all needed 
> Javascript code as independent libjs-* packages and b) work with 
> upstream on favoring local code (if available) over online CDN fetching.
> Alternatively - but IMO too crude - would be to package the newer 
> upstream release, with remaining Javascript code stripped, and adding a 
> README.Debian note that corresponding output formats are broken.
> I believe some of above should be possible to help with even without 
> understanding to code or the packaging, e.g. discussing this with 
> upstream author - if he haven't already heard it now, as I think he's 
> tracking these bugreports :-)
>  - Jonas
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