[Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#729107: Bug#729107: PRAGMA foreign_keys=ON doesn't work

Joachim Breitner nomeata at debian.org
Sat Nov 9 08:05:43 UTC 2013

Dear Matt,

Am Freitag, den 08.11.2013, 22:10 -0800 schrieb Matt Kraai:
> Executing "PRAGMA foreign_keys=ON" using HDBC-sqlite3 doesn't enable
> foreign key support, because HDBC-sqlite3 automatically starts a
> transaction and "[i]t is not possible to enable or disable foreign key
> constraints in the middle of a multi-statement transaction"[1].
> It's possible to work around this by executing "COMMIT" or "ROLLBACK"
> before the executing the pragma, but it would be nicer if the pragma
> just worked.

thanks for the report. This is an upstream, and upstream hasn’t been
particularly active in recent years. hdbi-sqlite (not yet packaged for
Debian) is an unofficial successor; you might want to investigate
whether that suits your purposes better (and if so, I’d like to hear
about it).


Joachim Breitner
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