Bug#795582: haskell-glib: FTBFS: setup: The program pkg-config version >=0.9.0 is required but it could not be found.

Chris Lamb lamby at debian.org
Sat Aug 15 12:49:53 UTC 2015

Source: haskell-glib
Severity: serious
Tags: patch
Justification: fails to build from source

Dear Maintainer,

haskell-glib fails to build from source on unstable/amd64 due to
missing Build-Depends on pkg-config and libglib2.0-dev:

  test -x debian/rules
  . /usr/share/haskell-devscripts/Dh_Haskell.sh && \
  Running rm -rf dist dist-ghc dist-ghcjs dist-hugs
  debian/hlibrary.setup Setup.hi Setup.ho Setup.o .\*config\*
  Running rm -f configure-ghc-stamp configure-ghcjs-stamp
  build-ghc-stamp build-ghcjs-stamp build-hugs-stamp build-haddock-stamp
  Running rm -rf debian/tmp-inst-ghc debian/tmp-inst-ghcjs
  Running rm -f debian/extra-depends-ghc debian/extra-depends-ghcjs
  Running rm -f debian/libghc-glib-doc.links
  Running rm -f debian/hlibrary.Makefile
  Running rm -rf debian/dh_haskell_shlibdeps
   debian/rules build
  test -x debian/rules
  mkdir -p "."
  /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/buildcore.mk:110: CDBS WARNING:   
  DEB_COMPRESS_EXCLUDE is deprecated since 0.4.85
  . /usr/share/haskell-devscripts/Dh_Haskell.sh && \
  Running ghc --make Setup.hs -o debian/hlibrary.setup
  [1 of 2] Compiling SetupWrapper     ( SetupWrapper.hs, SetupWrapper.o
  [2 of 2] Compiling Main             ( Setup.hs, Setup.o )
  Linking debian/hlibrary.setup ...
  . /usr/share/haskell-devscripts/Dh_Haskell.sh && \
  Running debian/hlibrary.setup configure --ghc -v2
  --package-db=/var/lib/ghc/package.conf.d --prefix=/usr
  --libdir=/usr/lib/haskell-packages/ghc/lib --builddir=dist-ghc
  --haddockdir=/usr/lib/ghc-doc/haddock/glib- --datasubdir=glib
  [1 of 2] Compiling Gtk2HsSetup      ( Gtk2HsSetup.hs,
  dist/setup-wrapper/Gtk2HsSetup.o )
  [2 of 2] Compiling Main             ( SetupMain.hs,
  dist/setup-wrapper/Main.o )
  Linking dist/setup-wrapper/setup ...
  Configuring glib-
  Flags chosen: closure_signals=True
  Dependency base ==4.*: using base-
  Dependency bytestring >= && <0.11: using bytestring-
  Dependency containers -any: using containers-
  Dependency text >= && <1.3: using text-
  Dependency utf8-string >=0.2 && <1.1: using utf8-string-1
  setup: The program pkg-config version >=0.9.0 is required but it could
  not be
  /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/hlibrary.mk:141: recipe for target
  'configure-ghc-stamp' failed
  make: *** [configure-ghc-stamp] Error 1
  dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 2

The full build log is attached or can be viewed here:


Adding pkg-config and libglib2.0-dev to Build-Depends fixes this for me.


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby at debian.org / chris-lamb.co.uk
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