[ANN] Apache Cocoon 2.1.4 Released

Carsten Ziegeler dev@cocoon.apache.org>, <general@xml.apache.org>, <users@cocoon.apache.org
Fri Feb 13 11:14:02 2004

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Apache Cocoon 2.1.4 Released

  The Apache Cocoon Community is proud to announce the new release
  of Apache Cocoon.

  Apache Cocoon is a web development framework built around the concept
  of separation of concerns (that is: allowing people to do their job
  without having to step on each other toes) and component-oriented web 

  Cocoon implements these concepts around the notion of 'component
  pipelines' modelled after the 'process chain' concept where each 
  worker specializes on a particular operation. This makes it possible
  to use a Lego(tm)-like approach in building web solutions where
  these components can be hooked together into pipelines without
  requiring further programming.

  We like to think at Cocoon as "web glue" for your web application
  development needs. But most important, a glue that can keep 
  concerns separate and allow parallel evolution of the two sides, 
  improving development pace and reducing the chance of conflicts.    

  The latest version is downloadable from

  For more information about Apache Cocoon 2.1.4, please go to

The Apache Cocoon Project


Carsten Ziegeler 
Open Source Group, S&N AG

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Changes with Apache Cocoon 2.1.4

*) Updated iText to 1.02 [AG]

*) Woody block: every widget can now have a validator. This allows for exam=
ple repeaters to perform inter-row validation or overall form-level validat=
ion. [SW]

*) Woody block: added support for rich text editing using InteractiveTools'=
 HTMLArea. [UC]

*) ResourceReader: Is now configurable as well. All parameters can be defin=
ed during configuration of the reader. Fixed also a minor bug in the last-m=
odified detection. [CZ]

*) OJB-Block: Added our own OJB ConnectionFactory which uses the DataSource=
s configured in cocoon.xconf [GP]

*) Updated POI to 2.0-final [AG]

*) Fixing memory leak in the cocoon protocol. [CZ]

*) JSPReader: The output encoding of the reader is now configurable. [JH]

*) woody.js has been removed. Please use woody2.js instead. [VG]

*) Resurrected the Slide block and made it to work with current developemen=
t version of Slide (2.0-b1). Complete revamping of the Slide sample admin a=
pp. [UH]

*) Allow the Authentication Framework to invoke a pipeline during logout [C=

*) Updated commons-collections to version 3.0 [AG]

*) First version of the JSR-168 support in the portal engine. [CZ]

*) Updated commons-httpclient to the version 2.0-RC3 [AG]

*) Renamed JspGenerator to JSPGenerator to match JSPEngine and JSPReader na=
ming convention. [UH]

*) JSPEngineImpl incorrectly converts bytes to characters. [UH]

*) Woody expression manager supports registration of custom functions (see =
cocoon.xconf). Added IsNull function. [VG]

*) Updated Jakarta ORO to the version 2.0.8. [AG]

*) Updated Lucene to 1.3 final. [AG]

*) Build fails on windows without cygwin. [AG]

*) Updated Ant to 1.6.0. [AG]

*) Remove dependencies to Xalan (from portal-fw, authentication-fw, session=
-fw and core) [CZ]

*) Portal-Engine: Added some new samples (for inter-coplet communication, c=
leaned up the sample, fixed some bugs and added some new components for dev=
eloping own coplets. [CZ]

*) Changed semantics on the cforms binding. Added a @direction (which repla=
ces the @read-only) and a @lenient attribute on all binding implementations=
 in the pool. [MPO]

*) Fix NPE error when pointed tag is empty in xsp-session-fw:getxml. Applyi=
ng patch from ltrillaud@jouve.fr (ltrillaud@jouve.fr). [AG]

*) ResourceExistsSelector now works the same way as ResourceExistsAction do=
es. It can now detect existence of any Cocoon resource, not only files in c=
ontext. Default value for prefix was changed from '/' to ''. For old behavi=
or, use prefix 'context://'. [VG]

*) Fixed and updated the stores and made them instrumentable to follow thei=
r size and the number of hits and missed. [SW]

*) New PipelineUtil class that extends the features or cocoon.processPipeli=
neTo() to SAX and DOM outputs. [SW]

*) The "cocoon" object in flowscript has two new methods that allow Java cl=
asses instanciated by a flowscript to access e.g. request, response and com=
ponents without requiring a dependency on the "FOM=5FCocoon" class. cocoon.=
createObject(Class) creates an object and honors the various Avalon lifecyc=
le interfaces implemented by an object. cocoon.disposeObject(Object) dispos=
es an object if needed. [SW]

*) Reworked I18nTransformer implementation to use new version of XMLResourc=
eBundle. [VG]

*) Reworked XMLResourceBundle implementation. Now it supports only XML bund=
les with fixed syntax (same as for I18nTransformer dictionaries), and inste=
ad of XPath keys uses message keys (which is faster). Returned resources no=
w are instances of ParamSaxBuffer class, and not DOM nodes.  [VG]

*) Modified BundleFactory interface to return Bundle instead of Component. =

*) Cocoon Forms (Woody) selection lists now allow empty value (which is tra=
nslated to the null object) [VG]

*) Deprecate MirrorRecorder. It will be removed starting with Cocoon 2.2 [V=

*) In XMLDBTransformer, create operation now is able to create collections.=
 It will create collection if oid attribute value ends with '/', otherwise =
it will work as before (creates XML resource) [VG]

*) Added optional collection attribute on <xmldb:query/> element of XMLDBTr=
ansformer. This attribute specifies collection name, relative to the transf=
ormer's base collection, which is used as base collection for current creat=
e/delete/update operation [VG]

*) Remove deprecated XMLDB generators from the sitemap [VG]

*) Do not double decode URI in CocoonServlet [VG]

*) Resurrected the XMLDB samples including XIndice 1.1b1 in Cocoon. [JH]

*) I18n transformer does not support old configuration syntax anymore (para=
meters catalogue-name, catalogue-location). Use <catalogues/> element inste=
ad. [VG]

*) I18n transformer now works with translations containing elements with at=
tributes. [VG]

*) Update libs Xerces to 2.6.0 and xml-apis.jar. [AG]

*) Woody: new double-list styling for MultivalueField. [SW]

*) New MountTableMatcher to define "mount tables" that allow external direc=
tories to be mounted in a sitemap without requiring to modify the sitemap. =
It's use has been included in the samples sitemap, thus allowing mounts tha=
t surivive a "build clean webapp". [SW]

*) Woody: added rendering of <wd:help> popup panel on a "?" icon. [SW]

*) Woody: new upload widget. This required some modification on multipart.P=
art objects that can now survice the end of processing of the current reque=
st. [SW]

*) Updated Entity Resolver from pre-release to official xml-commons-resolve=
r-1.1 release. [DC]

*) NetUtils deparameterize() and parameterize() extended to support multiva=
lue parameters. Multivalue parameters are returned as String arrays. [VG]

*) Add cocoon.sendStatus([Number] sc) and cocoon.response.setStatus([Number=
] sc) to FOM. [UH]

*) Updated Jetty to 4.2.14 [AG]

*) Disable accessing files outside the context via the context protocol. [C=