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Mon Feb 23 12:50:02 2004

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<title>Save 70 percent on Viagra</title>
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<a href="">What is ZENEGRA (Generic Viagra)?</a><br>
ZENEGRA is a male impotence drug. It helps men obtain and maintain an erection. Men that do not have impotence problems report that ZENEGRA increases sexual pleasure and staying power, as well as increasing the size and hardness of erections.<br><font color="#B7AFAF" size="1">*************
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We the cheapest source of generic Viagra on the Internet. Viagra has helped over 25,000,000 American men regain their sexual power.<br><font color="#B7AFAF" size="1">_______
<a href="">Will you ship ZENEGRA (Generic Viagra) to my country?</a><br>
Generic Viagra Online ships worldwide including Canada, Japan, UK and Australia. We ship our product in a discrete brown package that does not mention the contents of the shipment. All orders are shipped from India and usually take 15-30 days to arive.<br><font color="#B7AFAF" size="1">***
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We accept major creditcards, and checking accounts (US only). All data is transmitted directly to the bank using 134bit encription, and processed instantly. We never keep your information stored on our server. You are totally safe to order online from us. Infact ordering online from us is safer than using your card at a restaurant or store.<br><font color="#B7AFAF" size="1">______
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