It's time to re-think about Egold...

Weekly Review
Tue Feb 24 00:55:02 2004

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Dear E-Currency customer,<br><br>

<b>Egold, E-bullion, Evocash, NetPay, IntGold...</b> - many different <br>
electronic currencies have appeared nowdays. Undoubtfull leadership on<br>
the market belongs to E-gold. E-currency turnovers have reached <br>
hundreds of millions of dollars per annum. <br><br>

But how reliable and safe they are for their clients - these companies <br>
are registered in offshore. Messages about possible soon bankruptcies and following <br>
lost of capitals for these systems' users constantly appear in the e-currency Internet<br>
forums. Experts of our web site have prepared a detailed and<br>
comprehensive report about this market and also the recommendations on<br>
reducing risks of it's players.<br><br>

Read full report on our website: 
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