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Mon Oct 25 08:12:02 2004

<font size=3D"1">But the weather was good;=20</font>
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  ..You can have alcohol with &Ccedil;i&acirc;l&igrave;s<br>
  ..improves sexual performances twice better then V&iacute;&aacute;gr&ati=
  ..it costs much cheaper than Pf&iacute;z&egrave;r V&icirc;&aacute;gr&aci=
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852">Get C&Iacute;&Agrave;LIS (S&Uuml;P&Eacute;R V&Igrave;&Auml;GR&Atilde;=
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On my arrival at New York the question was at its height. They sang of it =
in the cafes, ridiculed it in the papers, and represented it on the stage!=