Bug#341777: Support Mysql for WebApps deployed to Tomcat

Wolfgang Baer WBaer at gmx.de
Mon Dec 5 08:41:37 UTC 2005

tags 341777 + wontfix

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Schildbach wrote:
> Package: tomcat5
> Severity: wishlist
> If I have both packages tomcat5 and libmysql-java installed, I'd like to 
> have the Connector/J driver availble for web applications installed into 
> Tomcat, just as if I had copied the driver to common/lib. Why don't you 
> symlink from /usr/share/tomcat5/common/lib/mysql.jar to 
> /usr/share/java/mysql.jar?

You would have a dangling symlink if libmysql-java is not installed
or removed after some time. Also if you need stuff in your webapps you
should put it in or link it from the webapps libs/classes directory to
get it picked up. This is also some kind of security problem as
common/lib is trusted.

Another point is where would you draw the line ? If linking libmysql-java
why not also jdbc for postgresql, sapdb, hsqldb ... you can add almost every
library to this list.


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