Bug#342341: eclipse: too many unneeded dependencies

Stephan Michels stephan.michels at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 13:42:41 UTC 2005

On 12/7/05, Erwan David <erwan at rail.eu.org> wrote:
> Package: eclipse
> Severity: normal
> sudo apt-get -u install eclipse
> Password:
> Reading package lists... Done
> Building dependency tree... Done
> The following extra packages will be installed:
>   dbus-1 dbus-glib-1 eclipse-jdt eclipse-jdt-common eclipse-pde
>   eclipse-pde-common eclipse-platform eclipse-platform-common eclipse-rcp
>   eclipse-rcp-common eclipse-source gconf2 gconf2-common gnome-keyring
>   gnome-mime-data junit libbcel-java libbonobo2-0 libbonobo2-common
>   libbonoboui2-0 libbonoboui2-common libcommons-beanutils-java
>   libcommons-collections-java libcommons-collections3-java
>   libcommons-dbcp-java libcommons-digester-java libcommons-el-java
>   libcommons-fileupload-java libcommons-launcher-java libcommons-logging-java
>   libcommons-modeler-java libcommons-pool-java libfam0c102 libgconf2-4
>   libgnome-keyring0 libgnome2-0 libgnome2-common libgnomecanvas2-0
>   libgnomecanvas2-common libgnomeui-0 libgnomeui-common libgnomevfs2-0
>   libgnomevfs2-common libhal-storage0 libhal0 libjsch-java liblog4j1.2-java
>   liblucene-java liblucene-java-doc libmx4j-java liborbit2 libregexp-java
>   libscrollkeeper0 libservlet2.4-java libsmbclient libswt3.1-gtk-java
>   libswt3.1-gtk-jni libtomcat5-java mozilla-browser scrollkeeper
>   shared-mime-info zenity
> Which means 195 MB on disk...
> eclipse does not need gnome, so there is a dependency problem on this
> side. Same thing with mozilla-browser.

The gnome libraries are needed for SWT, for example
org.eclipse.swt.program.Program to get informations about the mine
type and
icons etc. for a given file.

It seems that the SWT libraries handle the case if the
gnome libs doesn't exist properly. But I don't think it's a good idea
to remove the dependencies. Maybe a solution is to use recommendations

And the dependency to mozila-broser is needed for the SWT Browser widget. You
should be able to use firefox instead, but nevertheless a browser is needed.

> In any case this makes the package uninstallable here (no gnome).

Sad to hear, but to be honest if you can't spare 195 MB of diskspace
then you won't
have much fun with Eclipse.

I tend to tag the report as WONTFIX, but wait on an opinion from Michael Koch.

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