Bug#342341: eclipse: too many unneeded dependencies

Erwan David erwan at rail.eu.org
Sat Dec 17 16:17:31 UTC 2005

Le Sat 17/12/2005, Arnaud Vandyck disait
> 1° This is not a bug for me, Eclipse runs fine on Debian... and with
> free software;

For me the software is not really free if it is a prison for the user.

Gnome is a bunch of ill-designed software whose only goal is to do "as windows
do". It is just what M. de Icaza says in all interviews, that everybody should
use a computer the way windows does it.

We then see software which use gtk, then impose all gnome, then arrive to
imposing gnome so-called desktop. That's why I consider gnome as dangerou,
thus my refusal to use it, and refusal to use it *from the start*.

www.eclipse.org does not say eclipse depends on gnome, and eclipse works on
linux without any gnome library, thus imposing a sound daemon, a corba idl etc
is unneeded dependency *added* by the maintainers of package, thus the bug.

I understood that for them gnome is the graal everybody should use, so I close
this, and won't use eclipse on debian. I'll also stop support for eclipse on
debian at work, and eclipse user will stay with windows, it is no use to make
them try "something else" if they get the same shit at the end.

And for me I'll look to other java IDE, but unix-users friendly, not made with
the motto that the user is an idiot and the software knows better what he
wants to do.


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