Bug building Sun java 1.4 and 1.5 on system

Wolfgang Baer WBaer@gmx.de
Tue Jul 5 12:25:01 UTC 2005

Hi Harald,

harald@a-little-linux-box.at wrote:
> Dear Package maintainer,
> 	I found a bug in your package - eval ($dpkg-architecture) does
> on my system produce DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE=i486-linux-gnu not i386-linux as
> it is expected in your scripts under /usr/share/java-package.

please report bugs through the debian bug systems - e.g. with
programs like reportbug. This way the bugs can be discussed and
the progress tracked and closed ...

However this bug is already known and reported - so you don't
need to write an additional bug report !

It will be dealt with as soon as possible.



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