Updating CVS repo to UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes

Barry Hawkins barry at bytemason.org
Fri Sep 2 02:18:19 UTC 2005

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Debian Java Maintainers Team,
    I am sure (well, I hope ;-)) you have noticed a warning something
like the following when committing your changes to your CVS modules:

*** Begin typical CVS warning ***
cvs import: warning:  Set to use deprecated info format strings.  Establish
compatibility with the new info file format strings (add a temporary '1' in
all info files after each '%' which doesn't represent a literal percent)
and set UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes in CVSROOT/config.  After that, convert
individual command lines and scripts to handle the new format at your
*** End typical CVS warning ***

    Jeroen and I were talking about how it's funny to be having a
fundamental change like that in CVS; kind of a case of "too little, too
late", no?  At any rate, this message both concerned and annoyed me
sufficiently to research and correct this issue.  I am documenting these
steps so here so that those who work on other CVS repostiories can
hopefully remediate this issue for those projects as well.
    The first thing was to checkout the CVSROOT directory in order to be
able to modify the necessary files.  The pkg-java repo is a very
straightforward setup, with only CVSROOT/loginfo having been modified.
When the above warning mentions "info files", it seems to mean
commitinfo, editinfo, loginfo, rcsinfo, and taginfo, as well as any
custom scripts that these files may call.
    Once the CVSROOT folder was checked out, the config file was
modified to include the UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes directive (don't forget
the newline!).  The provisional '1' was added after the only % symbol in
loginfo (there were none representing a literal % character); however,
since our files were already in the proper format, this was an
unnecessary step, as I discovered on my first test commit from a module
in the repository:

$ cvs commit
cvs commit: Using deprecated info format strings.  Convert your scripts
to use
the new argument format and remove '1's from your info file format strings.

    The provisional '1' was then removed from the loginfo script and
committed.  After that, the next test commit from a module completed
without any warnings, and no messages beyond those we were used to for
the first 10 years ;-).

Hope that helps,
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