Bug#401222: tomcat5.5: Can't load JDBC driver jar when needed (more general problem ?)

Alessandro Polverini alex at nibbles.it
Tue Dec 12 10:11:20 UTC 2006

Hello Marcus,
I'm using the package with a lot of data sources and it works fine.

Maybe the problem is in the way you define and link the datasource.

I use this in my virtual host:
<Context docBase="/home/app" path="/app">
  <ResourceLink type="javax.sql.DataSource"
   name="jdbc/mydb" global="jdbc/mydb"

and the datasource is defined in the server.xml (or via admin interface)
in a way similar to this:

<Resource name="jdbc/mydb" type="javax.sql.DataSource"
 username="mydb" password="mypw"
 maxWait="20000" maxIdle="1" maxActive="10"


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