Packaging Java apps for Debian

Robert Schuster robert.schuster at
Sun Jul 16 20:30:55 UTC 2006

I am Robert Schuster and the company I am working for is interested in getting
their Java applications packaged for Debian (and derivates :)) - including all
of their own and the 3rd party dependencies.

Besides this being my job I am personally interested in doing this because I
like contributing to free software projects.

The applications use a lot of Apache, Eclipse, Codehaus, ... libraries. Many of
them are already in Debian. Thank you very much!!!

I am going to package the rest and would like to see them going (at least) into
pkg-java's SVN repository. If you let them into Debian that would be fantastic. :)

For the applications and their in-house dependencies I will set up a depot on my
own. Although they are free software I am not the one to decide whether and how
this stuff is published. Perhaps this will clear up in the following months.

Ah yes. I have just begun doing Debian packaging. Although I can get things to
work already expect that I do silly things only newbies. However I am open for
criticism. :)

Anyway this mail has the purpose of explaining why I am going to post a lot of
stuff in the next days, weeks and (hopefully) months.

Have fun & happy hacking

tarent GmbH
Heilsbachstr. 24, 53123 Bonn  | Poststr. 4-5, 10178 Berlin
fon: +49(228) / 52675-0       | fon: +49(30) / 27594853
fax: +49(228) / 52675-25      | fax: +49(30) / 78709617

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