Bug#380170: Don't is possible install Eclipse without GCJ

Michael Koch konqueror at gmx.de
Sat Jul 29 14:15:12 UTC 2006

tag 380170 confirmed pending

On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 12:42:14AM -0300, Gleidson Echeli Leopoldo wrote:
> Package: eclipse-platform-common
> Version: 3.1.2-2
> Hi, today i installed the Eclipse and i desired to install without GNU
> Java (GCJ) because the software what i compile uses the Java Sun.
> However it is not possible to install the Eclipse without the Java GNU,
> because the package eclipse-platform-common depends, among other things,
> of java1-runtime, what don't is supplied by Java Sun package create with
> java-package.
> It would be possible what Java Sun to supply java1-runtime as well as it
> do with java2-runtime?
> My proposal is to create a package eclipse-platform-common-gcj (such as
> other packages of eclipse) with Java GNU dependences and leave the
> eclipse-platform-common with a more "free" dependence (java1-runtime
> supplies by Java Sun) or so do with the Java Sun created with
> java-package supplies the java1-runtime (more easy solution =))
> Using:
> Debian Etch amd64
> libc6 2.3.6-15
> sun-j2sdk1.5 1.5.0+update07
> java-package 0.27

Thanks for your bug report. In fact this fix was already commited to our
SVN repository for the next eclipse upload to the archive. I hope to do
the upload on monday or so. I tag this bug report pending for now.


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