Bug#389010: Additional information

Vivenzio Pagliari vivenzio at web.de
Fri Nov 17 07:41:00 UTC 2006

Just resent my mail since the I sent it to "389010-submitter" by mistake and
thus it did not reach the maintainers. (I had better read the BTS-instructions
carefully *before* sending the information for the first time; sorry for that.)


> I also had this problem and solved it by installing (more exactly: self-compiling)
> the eclips-3.2.1 packages from experimental on my machine.
> As far as I had figured out, the problem was indeed that gcj did not find *usable*
> versions of native libraries (like assumed by Michael Koch, stated in
>  Mike O'Connor's mail).
> In particular, the org.eclipse*so files generated under /tmp did already
> exist (of course without that "sowtu7my" or similar "suffix"), but they
> were linked against some libgcj.so* version that was not available anymore
> on my system. As a consequence, the installed org.eclipse*.so files were not
> usable and obviously gij tried to generate them. So to track down the problem,
> check against which libgcj.so* library the org.eclipse*.so on your system are
> linked against.
> I think the problem is caused by a "version mismatch" of the intalled version
> of  eclipse-*-gcj packages and the libgcj package, so just re-generating the
> eclipse-3.1.2 packages may solve the problem.
> Alternatively, the eclipse 3.2.1 packages from experimental may be promoted to
> unstable, if this is currently an option ;-)
> Kind regards,
> Vivenzio

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