Bug#353360: (no subject)

Bastian Venthur expires-2007 at venthur.de
Wed Sep 27 12:49:54 UTC 2006

I tend to think the severity of this bug is more than just "normal", but
I have not found a hint in the policy regarding alternatives, jet.

> The alternates system doesnt fit into the Java world. Eclipse needs more
> then just the java runtime binary. It needs whole Java Runtime
> environment.

Could you please explain the difference? By choosing a java-executable
via update-alternatives I directly choose my JAVA_HOME or not? It should
not be too hard to guess the correct JAVA_HOME from the current
java-alternative, should it?

So I guess a wrapper script around eclipse, setting the correct
JAVA_HOME, making an educated guess from the current alternative should
be fine.

On the other side: I've installed Eclipse today and it used gjc instead
of my systems default java (java-sun), grabbed a gig of memory and I had
to kill it in order to avoid a system crash due swapping. Using java-sun
by manually setting JAVA_HOME, eclipse runs much smoother and takes only
a fraction of the memory.

The average user would blame Eclipse for an incident like this --
unnecessarily, since the problem lies obviously in the (wrong) default
jre eclipse chooses.



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