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Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Aug 8 10:35:40 UTC 2007

Robert Lemmen wrote:
> hi folks,
> i am looking into unmet recommends dependencies (lenny wants to install
> these by default, so they should be fixed), and stumbled over kaffe
> (which is Rrecommended by libcommons-daemon-java). it looks like kaffe
> never built in arm, could you guys tell me if this is a bug in kaffe, in
> the toolchain, or whether kaffe shouldn't be built on arm at all?

Hi Robert,

It wasn't built due to a bug in jikes when compiling GNU Classpath:
jikes would crash after draining the system out of memory. On the other
hand, ecj on gcj for arm had the problem that it NPEd out during the
build. See


You should be able to build current CVS head by using either ecj
(--with-ecj), or by using the system installation of GNU Classpath
(--with-system-classpath and setting the classes, etc. options
accordingly for how debian installs classpath).

Since jikes is fixed on arm, you should also be able to rebuild the
current deb for arm.

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