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My name is Mr melvin clarke a British national., I got your contact  When i attended London Wine Exhibition last year , I am a Business Consultant to a highly placed Millionaire who wants to invest in  any lucrative  business, I will like to open a line of communication between your goodself and him.
He is ready to invest in non Speculative Investment  and he is   willing to release  a substantial Fund upfront to enable you embark on the investment program  but you will have to sign a fee protection agreement with me because I will be entitled to 10% of the annual dividend derived from the investment.
He will want everything done under a Trustee agreement whereby his name will not be mentioned in the investment because of his Political affiliations.
If you can handle this Project please kindly forward to me your Telephone numbers. Your Profile and an idea of Possible investment opportunities you have.
As soon as I receive this from you, I will forward to you the MEMORANDA OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) and I will arrange for a face to face meeting with you and my Client for final endorsement.
I will also furnish you with my clients direct telephone number on receipt of your mail..
Best Regards
Mr clarke

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