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December 2007       
SAS Insurance Development is bringing you a monthly newsletter.  We know your time is valuable, so in the next couple of minutes it will take you to read this you will be updated, informed, and reminded on new technology, products, news, events, marketing, and of course the occasional office gossip.  
  SASid News:  Competence builds Confidence
  Health Product News:  Markel Short Term Medical 
  Life Product News:  SLIQ version 2.0 is being upgraded 
  Other News: SASid is Hiring - "Health Insurance Representative" 
  Breaking News:  SASid mentioned in WSJ Bestseller Book "Results That Last" 
 SASid News - Competence Builds Confidence
 We have been extremely busy the last few months building new products and tweaking older ones.  In the next few months you will see us releasing a series of new products and upgrades to old ones.  We are confident that we have the best technology and products being marketed and sold over the internet.  You (our distribution) spend a great deal of time and money driving traffic to your websites.  If you do not have the best converting products on your website you can lose out on sales and revenue.  That is why, the SASid team spends so much time, energy, and money to make sure that our products convert the best.  We know that once you send your traffic (clients) to our online products; it is time for us to do our job and convert them to sales.  Thank you for putting your trust (traffic) in us, we are competent and confident that we will give you the best results (revenue). 
 Health Product News (1) NEW Markel Smart STM available
 (2) Core Health available in NY!
 (3) FSG rate adjustment
 (1)  SASid and Markel Insurance Company release the Smart STM in 20+ states.  This competitive and innovative product will offer many deductible ($250 up to $5,000) and coinsurance options (50, 80, 100).  A new 3 month option will decrease premiums by 10%.  Based on statistical analysis the average person purchases Short Term Medical under 3 months.  Click here to try it out.  Online contracting here.
Markel Insurance Company is reputable and has top financials.  The company is rated (A) Excellent by AM Best.  Contact SASid for information to be an agent, GA, or MGA.  Here is a link to the Press Release.
(2)  Core Health Limited Medical Plans are now available in NY.  US Fire has approved the program for sale in NY as of 11/27/07.  We expect the product to be available on the Core Health Links the first week in December.  This is extremely good news considering how difficult it is to make products available here.  Contact us for licensing and details.  Online contracting here.
(3)  Fairmont is increasing Simple STM rates for effective dates 1/1/08.  The rates have increased 8-12% based on gender and location nationally.  Rates have been increased for trend and historical results.  Based on comparisons with competing carriers, FSG is still very competitive in the marketplace.  Online contracting here. 
 Life Product News-  Life Product News:  SLIQ version 2.0 out soon
 The Smart Life Insurance Quoting (SLIQ) system is being upgraded to 2.0.  We have incorporated numerous ideas and feedback to build the ultimate term life quoting and conversion system.  Here are some of the many new features:
Compact design:  Consumers can see results much easier.  Description Icons have been added throughout to help educate consumers on their choices. 
Smart Filters:  Consumers are able to filter based on price, underwriting time,  Underwriting commitment, and more 
Dynamic web pages:  Agents can now change the theme (colors, borders, more) instantly 24/7 
Much more... 
Contact the life department for details to sign up.   
 Other News- SASid is looking for a National Health Representative
 SASid is growing and looking for a national representative to market its health insurance products to distribution channels nationwide.  If you know somebody that might be interested in this position click here (to view) and email them the job description.   
 Breaking News - SASid used as example in Wall Street Journal Bestseller "Results That Last"
 Most companies have incredibly inconsistent leadership. One or two leaders may be really strong and their departments shine, the others fall by wayside. Inevitably, the good leaders leave and things fall apart. In this new book by Quint Studer, Results That Last, he shows leaders how to standardize simple behaviors?behaviors proven to have predictable positive outcomes?and instill them across the board. The success of the company no longer depends on individuals. It is hardwired into your company culture. I think the thing that makes this book different is that he takes what seems to be overwhelming problems and provides a step by step process that feels ?doable." Plus, while they seem simple, they really work. SASid is proud to be mentioned in the book as an example.  Learn more about this book at Amazon (link). 

About SASid:  SASid develops Simple and Smart Insurance technologies that can be put on a website for a end-to-end paperless transaction.  The products are Simple for consumers to quote, understand, and purchase.   As an agent, SASid is Simple to work with, to understand, to market.  Smart is what happens when the client doesn?t qualify for the product.  Smart recommends other products, ideas, and solutions to the consumer.  Smart is concerned about the conversion on every eyeball that hits the website, quote, or application.  Smart creates good solid results.
Here at SASid, the development never stops and is always focused on more simple and smarter solutions for consumer, agent, and company. 
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