/usr/share/java as maven repository?

manfred at mosabuam.com manfred at mosabuam.com
Fri Dec 21 21:02:43 UTC 2007

Quoting Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org>:

> manfred at mosabuam.com wrote:
>> I think using Maven with a Debian internal and cleaned up   
>> repository  that only contains debian compliant packages and the   
>> fixes to make the build of any debian package work is the better   
>> approach. It is also  more useful for the bigger community since   
>> this debian repo could be  used as a clean minimum repo. Many other  
>>  public repos are quite a mess with lots of historic rubbish in   
>> there (like broken spring packages,  wrong and moved groupids and   
>> so on).
> That's a good goal to strive for in the long run, but currently, I
> don't think that it's possible to meet it. One could, in parallel, work
> on using the setUp tools to generate the POMs for all kinds of libraries
> packaged by Debian from Debian's metadata. That could also require
> dealing with Wagon to teach it to read deb files, for example.
> But I'd see the two activities as separate, for now, as the immediate
> problem of 'how do we build packages inside Debian within Debian using
> maven 2' is of a lot smaller scope than 'how do we turn the Debian
> achives into a repo useful for general maven2 users'.
> I believe solving the latter will require a lot of communication
> effort, for example, between Debian Java packagers, and Maven archive
> maintainers, as it can become a 'power' struggle over whose repo is the
> 'default' one for Debian users, etc.
> And that kind of potential political problem is best solved by waiting
> it out until we've got some experience solving the more immediate ones.
> ;)

I totally agree with all your points. It would however be great to  
have this as a goal in mind and work towards it in parallel as you  
suggested. We are thinking along the same lines.


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