how to package a eclipse plugin?

Sebastian Menge sebastian.menge at
Tue Mar 27 11:16:34 UTC 2007


I hope this is not too OT, but I guess this list is the only place I can
imagine to help me ... I'm not subscribed please reply to:

I have a very small and tiny plugin for eclipse called "vimplugin" which
seems to attract some people. The project was about to die, but steady
questions encouraged me to give it a second try. Most of the questions
were "its not running on my platform". Thats clear because its prealpha,
and only tested on my machine :-). Well, the solution is to automate the
build for some platforms and provide easy to install binary packages.

I once packaged a deb-file by hand, and even that was complicated for
me. But now i'm completely lost howto package a fairly common
eclipse-plugin project. That should not be hard to do, because both
debian and eclipse have a strong infrastructure one can rely on.

I thought you guys probably know best about these things, and could give
me some pointers how to get along (documentation or similar packages, i
can learn from).

If someone wanna have a look at the project, get it here: 

cvsroot: :pserver:anonymous at
module: vimplugin.

The best is to check it out with eclipse. In doc/HACKING are
instructions how to get it run. This should work out out of the box on
debian. (provided the basic requirements are ok: vim and sun-java)

Any help is highly appreciated.


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