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Eric Lavarde - Debian deb at
Wed May 9 17:31:13 UTC 2007


> On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 11:08:42AM +0200, Martijn Kint / True wrote:
>> L.S,
>> Hi guys! I'm having some trouble with a client of mine who insists on
>> that Tomcat 5.0.28 is stable and 5.0.30 isn't. The problem is that I
>> can't install 5.0.28 from Apt as we only have 5.0.30-11 available.

I think, I know why the customer means this: the download page from Tomcat
[1] lists only 5.0.30-beta and 5.0.28.

This said, I don't know how to convince your customer that the Debian
version is stable enough for his purposes.

Just tell him that OpenSource betas are more stable than many commercial
releases ;-)
More seriously, you could try to argue that beta doesn't mean unstable, it
just means that the product has not been completely tested; and the fact
that it reached etch/stable means that it has been tested and that it's
stable enough for Debian standards, which are knowingly high.

Hope this helps, Eric


Eric de France, d'Allemagne et de Navarre

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