Bug#439184: seemingly unneeded depends pulled in when installing eclipse-cdt

Thomas Girard thomas.g.girard at free.fr
Sun Sep 2 13:29:31 UTC 2007

retitle 439184 split eclipse-cdt into eclipse-cdt and eclipse-cdt-sdk

thanks for your report and the nice diagram.

> 	I was just trying to install eclipse-cdt from aptitude and discovered that it 
> tried to pull in many more packages than needed.
> 	Currently I have eclipse-cdt installed from tar balls from the Eclipse 
> website.  The minimum I needed to install was the 
> 	+ Platform Runtime Binary (eclipse-platform-3.2.2-linux-gtk.tar.gz)
> 	+ CDT (org.eclipse.cdt-3.1.2-linux.x86.tar.gz)
> 	Also already installed are Debian packages for Java, GTK2, and other things 
> which I may have needed, but were already installed.
> 	I've been having a look at the dependencies in Debian's eclipse-cdt, trying 
> to figure out why so many things are being pulled in.  I don't know much 
> about packaging and what is or is not included implicitly in the Eclipse.org 
> packages, so don't be surprised if I say things which don't make sense!
> 	(Finally to concrete suggestions:)
> 	Does "eclipse-platform" need to depend on "eclipse-rcp"?  On the eclipse.org 
> webpage it appears as though the "RCP Runtime Binary" is a plugin, so it 
> should depend on "eclipse-platform" rather than the other way around.  I've 
> attached a picture of the dependencies which seem to be indicated by the 
> webpage 
> http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/drops/R-3.3-200706251500/details.php
> 	Also, I don't have libjsch-java, liblucene-java*, libtomcat* installed and my 
> CDT works fine.  Perhaps these are included in one of the two Eclipse.org 
> packages I've installed as indicated above?  Or perhaps they are not needed 
> by eclipse-cdt (and shouldn't be pulled in with eclipse-platform)?  Maybe the 
> above (especially libtomcat*) should be depended on by eclipse-jdt 
> and/or -pde and/or -rcp, but not -cdt? 

I have discussed this with the Debian Eclipse maintainers. It turns out 
that you don't need libjsch, libtomcat and liblucene when using upstream 
eclipse-platform because they are indeed included in the 
eclipse-platform tarball.

The current eclipse-platform <-> eclipse-rcp dependency might be wrong, 
but inverting it would create a new dependency nightmare.



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