Bug#432541: eclipse-cdt FTBFS

Andrew Overholt overholt at redhat.com
Thu Sep 13 00:15:47 UTC 2007


* Thomas Girard <thomas.g.girard at free.fr> [2007-09-11 16:01]:
>> cd source-tree/org.eclipse.cdt.releng && \
>>         /usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj/bin/java -cp /usr/lib/eclipse/startup.jar \
>> -Dosgi.sharedConfiguration.area=/usr/lib/eclipse/configuration \

Try running the launcher directly:

/usr/bin/eclipse -noSplash -application org.eclipse.ant.antRunner (or
whatever).  I think the exit in this case is due to the osgi
configuration area being incorrect, but I could be wrong about that.


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