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Sat Sep 15 07:02:04 UTC 2007

(new) jftp_1.51~pre3-1.diff.gz optional contrib/net
(new) jftp_1.51~pre3-1.dsc optional contrib/net
(new) jftp_1.51~pre3-1_all.deb optional contrib/net
Java GUI client for FTP, SMB, SFTP and NFS
 JFtp is a graphical Java network and file transfer client. It
 supports FTP using its own FTP API and various other protocols like
 SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and file I/O using third party APIs. It
 includes many advanced features such as recursive directory
 up/download, browsing FTP servers while transferring files, FTP
 resuming and queueing, browsing the LAN for Windows shares, and
 more. Multiple connections can open at a time in a Mozilla-style
 tabbed browsing environment.
  Homepage: http://j-ftp.sourceforge.net
(new) jftp_1.51~pre3.orig.tar.gz optional contrib/net
Changes: jftp (1.51~pre3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Varun Hiremath ]
  * Initial release (Closes: #415440)
  * Added 01_manifest_fix.dpatch to use a custom MANIFEST.MF and avoid classpath trouble.
  * Clean up jar, remove non-free components.
  * Fix debian/copyright: include missing licenses and copyrights.
  * Add jftp.desktop.
  [ Kumar Appaiah ]
  * Add README.Debian-source to explain the repackaging.
  * Add jftp.xpm and use it as icon in jftp.desktop.

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