Joining pkg-java and some packaging questions

Michael Koch konqueror at
Tue Sep 18 05:43:31 UTC 2007

On Mon, Sep 17, 2007 at 06:07:43PM +0200, Manuel Prinz wrote:
> Dear Debian Java Maintainers,
> I'd like to join the the Debian Java Maintainers group and contribute my
> packages [1,2]. My Alioth username is hauro-guest. It would be nice if
> you could add me to the team.
> My packages are almost ready for review but there are some questions
> unanswered to me. I hope you can help me out here!
> 1. Is there any progress with java.util.Scanner in gcj? (See [3].) On of
> my packages would compile with ecj if java.util.Scanner is available. At
> present, it has to go to contib because of that.

Nope, currently no progress on this. Some person from a university in
vienna wanted to contribute this but never did, afaik.

> 2. What needs to be done to build a package with Sun's JDK under
> pbuilder? I don't know how to tell pbuilder to auto-accept the EULA. I
> think there was a post on that but I'm unable to find the information on
> the web.

What I did is that I have an extra pbuilder base tgz for builds with SUN
JDK. I installed SUN JDK in it manually by

  pbuilder --save-after-login login

Its not nice but works easily.

> 3. I currently split the jFFTW package [1] into an -java and -jni
> package. But the packages are rather small and I thought about combining
> them. Doing so gave some weird lintian warnings. Is a small package a
> blocker or would it be ok to have a ~20k package?

Looking at the pure sizes it doesnt make sense IMO to put it into separate
packges. -java is arch:all, -jni is arch:any. A combined package is
arch:any. It needs to be thought about this, but I think its okay. In
general FTP-Master dont likes too small binary packages.


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